Letters to the Editor

Concerns about school board

I am not allowed to address the Belle Valley School Board as to why Board President Karen Kunz’s past and present actions make her unfit to serve and why she should resign. Therefore, I am expressing my opinion with open letters to new board members dealing with the transgressions.

Letter No. 1, Voter Fraud: The board led by Karen Kunz attempted to manipulated the voters by engaging in a series of lies in order to gain approval for the new building. A politician should never engage in gross deception, even for worthwhile purposes. This was not a case of “puffing.” These were outright lies. The most egregious of these lies deal with the cost to the taxpayers. We were told that the cost to the taxpayers would be 75 cents a day for a home valued at $100,000. The board knew that this wasn’t true, and the cost would escalate at 7 percent a year for 30 years. Look at your latest tax bill.

In my opinion, this type of lying is no more than voter fraud and should carry a heavy penalty. Unfortunately this is only part of the story. Other topics will include such concerns as political hiring, cronyism, and just plain incompetence. Anyone with only an ounce of ethics would not condone such behavior. If she does not resign, then you should remove her as board president.

Ted Farmer, Belleville