Letters to the Editor

Global warming comments

After reading comments by Joseph Reichert, subtly suggesting that I get my head right on global warming, it would seem the point of my recent letter was clearly missed. I was commenting on the glaring deception and misinformation that one hears from the major news media concerning man-made global warming. Whether or not the alleged effects have made it here is irrelevant. They reported that temperatures worldwide were the hottest on record and those reports were later shown to be untrue.

If it were true that people were fleeing islands that are now uninhabitable due to rising sea levels, those images would be plastered all over the news, 24/7. I have yet to see any coverage at all.

If anyone should “go to the library and do some research,” it should be none other than Al Gore himself.

In his second book, he predicted that sea levels will rise to the point that Florida will lose approximately one-third of its land area, while the island of Cuba would be completely under water. Absolute and utter nonsense. One trip to the library would have told him that the highest point in Florida is approximately 600 ft. above sea level and the highest point on Cuba is approximately 6,500 feet above sea level. For Gore’s prediction to come true, there would have to be a wall of water over one mile high between the two. There hasn’t been a wall of water anywhere near that high since Moses.

Gerard Luebbers, Carlyle