Letters to the Editor

School leaders need to stop supporting TIFs

What are our school superintendents and board members thinking? By continuing to support TIFs year after year, it’s costing the taxpayers in 2015, $44,447,546. This has been going on for more than 30 years and over the next 23 years the TIFs will collect more than $1,333,426,380 in property taxes.

For more than 30 years the school districts have been singing the same song, play that song again Sam, there’s still not enough money.

Are any of you above aware of whom you really work for? Number one it’s not the city, it’s the citizens, for the education of our children.

If any superintendent and board members above with one of C.S. they would fight against any and all TIFs for the citizens taxpayers, because the citizen taxpayer have no vote or voice in the forming of a TIF.

Give a big “no” to any TIFs and a big “no” for the more than 850 acres along St. Louis, Collinsville and Bluff roads.

Think about it and look at your tax bill under taxes collected in 2015, it doesn’t matter where you live in St. Clair County the TIFs affect your taxes.

James E. Saffel Sr., Mascoutah