Letters to the Editor

Warning for homeowners

For homeowners who have had a basement waterproofing system installed that includes the installation of drain tile under the basement floor around the perimeter of the basement, you need to consider the following.

Installation of the drain tile requires sections of the concrete basement floor be removed before the drain tile can be installed. Removing the existing floor exposes the dirt underneath the concrete floor, which may or may not cause the release of radon gas into the basement area. When the concrete floor is replaced, most systems leave a small one inch gap between the replaced concrete floor and the basement foundation wall. This open space can become a source for the radon gas to enter your living area.

Any homeowners who have had the perimeter drain tile system installed, it is suggested that you purchase a radon test kit to determine whether you have unhealthy levels of radon gases in their basement areas. For homeowners who are considering installing a drain tile system under their basement floor, it is suggested that you check the radon levels before and after the drain tile is installed. If the radon levels become unhealthy after the drain tile system is installed, it may be a result of the contractor creating the problem. In that case, you may want to look to the contractor to mitigate the radon gases at their cost.

Larry Price, Belleville