Letters to the Editor

Why allow guns whose only purpose is to kill

I personally am pro-gun control, but I understand the rights of the people who like guns...

(My reason for my feelings against guns is because of all the “accidental” deaths by so-called “unloaded” guns and the fact that so many misdemeanors by criminals end up deadly because of the availability of guns.)

However, can anyone explain to me how gun sellers would justify selling assault weapons? I can’t see any logical or sane reason why a person would be allowed to sell, and someone off the street would be allowed to buy, a weapon whose only purpose is to kill people?

Someone who enjoys hunting would never use a weapon like that to go after animals — because it would be too brutal.

And yet the sales are legitimate. Can someone please tell me why?

The murderer in Orlando would not have caused nearly as much damage if he would not have had such a powerful weapon.

Sharron Lindsey, Belleville