Letters to the Editor

Nursing home policy

I am writing to make everyone aware of an overlooked policy that some nursing homes have.

When I signed a loved one in a nursing home I had to pay one month in advance. I asked if I would get a refund if he did not live for a month. I was assured I would get a refund but it would take 4 to 6 weeks because the check would come from the corporate office. I paid $5,200 for one month.

After waiting for 4 weeks, I called the nursing home. I was told I had to make a formal request to get a refund, so I did and was told it would be sent to corporate. I waited a few weeks longer and again called. They called back and said the bookkeeper at corporate had forgotten to work on it.

My brother died on Nov. 11, 2015 and it took me several phone calls and emails to get my refund of $3,500, in February 2016. I had to speak to the administrator of the nursing home to get this done. I filed a complaint with the State Attorney General on this policy and they felt there was nothing they could help me with.

I feel someone should go over the books and see what happens to the money if it is not formally requested. Does the nursing home just keep it, does the corporation keep it? I hope this letter reaches others that were in my position.

Carol Bournstein, Waterloo