Letters to the Editor

Religion should see all of the great possibilities

In the name of many religions, including Roman Catholic, when we explicitly state women are not entirely equal in all respects and opportunities, and we state that LGBTQ persons are intrinsically evil or at best disordered and do not have full respect and opportunities (fired from jobs because of their gender orientation) we send a message to deranged, radical, persons that they can act in any way including abuse, bullying and killing.

We somehow make those who have not come to peace with their sexual orientation very unhappy, sometimes suicidal and possibly extreme.

Perhaps there is not a male god in that place called heaven and we have the wherewithal from conception to be all that is possible built into our DNA, from the first bang, if we only have the encouragement and courage to go deep and release those possibilities. Perhaps the god we talk about would not make “good” or “bad” persons but give all an equal start and we have the right and obligation to evolve as better possibilities.

If your religious institution can’t see the great possibilities for all persons, perhaps you don’t need that religion at all. Look to the information, insights and awarenesses you acquire in life to help you be all you can and have a right to be and not granted by people in “power.”

Speak as though you had a million voices for it is silence that kills the world and 49 LGBT persons and wounded 53 more, Sunday, June 12, 2016.

Anne Harter, Belleville