Letters to the Editor

It’s Rauner’s fault?

I’m getting more than just a little tired of hearing/reading that the lack of a 2016 (and 2017) budget for Illinois is all Gov. Rauner’s fault.

It is not his fault, unless of course you believe it is constitutional to have an UNBALANCED BUDGET. After all, it is the House of Representatives that is mandated by the Illinois Constitution to create a BALANCED BUDGET, the Senate’s responsibility to approve a BALANCED BUDGET and then up to the governor to sign or veto a BALANCED BUDGET. I haven’t seen or heard of a BALANCED BUDGET having been proposed by the legislature since Gov. Rauner was elected. It shouldn’t be that difficult for all those intelligent, hardworking people in Springfield to come up a budget that is balanced. Or is it? After all, didn’t former Gov. Jim Edgar say something to that effect just this last week?

While we’re at it, shouldn’t the governor be blamed for:

The state’s retirement plans being over $110 billion in the hole.

The Chicago Teacher’s retirement fund well into the red.

The City of Chicago’s municipal retirement plans well short of where they should be.

The state owing something more than $7 billion to vendors.

Yes, it’s all the governor’s fault. Just ask Mike Madigan.

Bob Walter, Glen Carbon