Letters to the Editor

Durbin’s call for common sense fails

Anytime a politician like Sen Dickie Durbin mentions common sense, political babble will follow. Obviously, Durbin is following Obama’s ostrich head in the sand approach to the realities of Islamic terrorism. So much for common sense.

Sadly, politicians like Durbin, feel more compelled to increase the Democratic voting ranks than ensuring foreigners coming to this country are properly identified and vetted. Many of the murdering Islamic extremists are in this country illegally on expired visas. Why doesn’t Durbin use some of his common sense pushing legislation to find out where the thousands of illegals living in the United States on expired visas are? Why doesn’t Durbin have a common sense talk with the Department of Justice. The DOJ makes sure Obama’s dangerously loose immigration policies are followed, then makes the FBI jump through hoops to prosecute potential threats popping up on their radar.

Durbin, in case you haven’t been in touch with reality lately, hundreds of murders and thousands of non-lethal shooting occur in Chicago annually. Doesn’t Durbin know Chicago, the murder capital of the U.S., has some of the toughest gun laws in our nation? The Mayor of Chicago has the police reclassify some murders just to keep the annual murder rate under 400 per year. Anyone with common sense has to wonder why Durbin and his buddy, Obama, do nothing to change the culture in Chicago. Common sense tells you the gun wasn’t responsible for the murders, it was the hatred of an Islamic extremist pulling the trigger.

Pete Hill, O’Fallon