Letters to the Editor

Never disappoints

I love Leon Anderson. He never disappoints me. He is still struggling with the news and science of the 21st century and therefore continues to claim that everything he doesn’t understand just doesn’t exist anyway. He has others in his age group that think the same.

But while they choose to avoid the facts, it only causes others to avoid confronting them also. He needs to talk to some younger people, preferably college students. The guys who have coffee at McDonald’s just don’t know any more than he does so they agree with him. This is not a new thing, people denied Darwin, and Edison, and Galileo, Isaac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Alfred Einstein; but time moved forward anyway.

Is he afraid of Socialism? Too bad, its not hard to see the effects of it into nearly all of our lives since 1960. Economic theories from that time are now invalid because the government is involved in everything from our mortgages to our schools. It’s over. It can’t be stopped without total chaos and anarchy. That will surprise him too.

Joseph Reichert, Belleville