Letters to the Editor

Nation under seige

The people of this great nation know that this Great Nation is under siege from within. Obama and the Democrats want America disarmed very badly as they continue to pile on the debt which will bring this economy to a crash and a massive depression. The disarmament is not for any people safety but their own as they continue their evil track toward the destruction of this country.

Obama, the Congress, and the judiciary, are the reason for these attacks on this country but they want to blame it on the guns which the people know without these we are over. Please ask these people that say why do we need these types of firearms. My question to them is why do we need all these agencies armed in our federal government that Obama has purchased 2 billion rounds of hollow point bullets that are illegal for the Geneva Convention to use against people. Don’t let them tell you for targets because these are expensive bullets used for mayhem.

They’re now trying again to backdoor the Constitution with homeland security making we the people instead of the Muslims who created all the crimes and murder in this country since Obama came to power, used against we the people to remove our firearms to protect ourselves from the Muslim brotherhood and corruption in this government. God bless America.

Steve Kassa Jr., Edwardsville