Letters to the Editor

Obama remains out of touch on terrorism

As the American people come to grips with the shocking act of terrorism and hate in Orlando, I wonder why Obama still can’t find the courage to utter the words, “Radical Islamic Extremist”? The fact is, there are only five Muslim nations where being gay is legal. The countries are Mali, Jordan, Indonesia, Turkey and Albania. Homosexuality in the remaining Muslim counties of the world is punishable by incarceration or death. Yet Obama says nothing.

The United States is no longer insulated from radical Islamic terrorism by two oceans. Obama is allowing thousands more inadequately vetted Syrians to immigrate to the U.S. Recently, a number of Syrian Muslims were found illegally crossing our border with Mexico. How many more radical Islamists have crossed our southern border illegally and where are they?

This is not a gun-control issue as Obama, Hillary and the left wing suggest. The same carnage could have been achieved with a few bricks of C4. For whatever reason, Obama won’t or can’t grasp the reality of the Muslim Extremist threat to the U.S. Obama, you can’t find a proper solution if you don’t recognize or understand there is a problem.

My prayers and sympathies go out to the individuals and families of those murdered or injured in the horrific terrorist attack.

Pete Hill, O’Fallon