Letters to the Editor

Can’t say the words

I, Obama, as president, swear to defend these United States. How can this man add any validity to this statement when he will not even use the term “radical Islam”? This guy would call a drug dealer an “unlicensed pharmacist.” He first called ISIS a JV team and claimed that he had them contained. What a stupid statement! How has he got them contained?

Under his watch there have been 44 attacks here in America. The one that really upsets me is the shooting at Fort Hood a couple years ago when this army Major jumps up on a table, claims his allegiance to ISIS, yells Allahu Akbar, and then kills 16 soldiers. Obama called it “workplace violence.”

In Orlando last week Omar Mateen, who had been under FBI watch and questioned three times, killed (as of now) 49 people and injured countless others. This terrorist called 911 and claimed allegiance to ISIS before going to the gay nightclub. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack and ISIS leaders had called for attacks like these around the world during the Holy Month of Ramadan which began June 6.

Obama has said that his administration is looking for a motive ... This is insane! Obama and the main stream media are blaming everything on guns and his lack of their control. Terrorists have used bombs, fertilizer, box cutters, airplanes, etc. If gun control was the answer, Chicago, which has the strictest gun control in America, would be like “Mayberry.”

Garland Horn, Granite City