Letters to the Editor

Killing the clover

Someone wrote recently to complain about not being able to kill the clover in their yard. But they are contributing to a cause that endangers us all by even trying it.

The bee colony collapse is widespread. There are less and less honey bees everywhere. Perhaps the writer should have noticed that the yard clover has few bees trying to find nectar. This is due to the use of various chemicals to kill something else we don’t like. When I notice them when cutting grass, I leave the area alone and do not cut it or cut it at night when they are not there.

Without the bees to carry to pollen from plant to plant, many of our food products and almost all of our vegetables and fruits would not be able to proliferate. This is just another problem that John Muir recognized. Every time we try to tamper with nature or “pull something out” we find it attached to everything else. Think before you put your yard ahead of the rest of nature.

Joseph Reichert, Belleville