Letters to the Editor

Busy at Qualls Foundation

What we do during the hot months of June, July, August — every day.

1) First thing in the morning we give every dog and cat fresh cold water and food.

2) Every dog and cat has a fan and plenty of shade. Pets and strays, God’s creations.

3) When the temperature gets in the 90s, we ice down every dog and cat. They all have to have fresh cold water and food at least once or twice a day. We use five gallon buckets for water, they each get one.

4) Shade from the trees or umbrellas. No animal should be in the hot sun. We treat and do for them as we do for ourselves. We need flea and tick medication. We are in urgent need of dog and cat food, ice, fans, bottled water, freeze pops, money, etc. We need fans, bottled water, freeze pops for God’s seniors and needy families.

We used to be a 501C-3 tax exempt organization, but we could not afford the renewal fee, to claim a donation. We are a not-for-profit organization. Tom Qualls Foundation for People and Animals, Wishing Well Ministry Outreach. Please send your donations to 6103 N. Park Drive, Washington Park, IL 62204 or call 618-722-0348. Thank you and God bless.

Tom Qualls Sr., Washington Park