Letters to the Editor

News sources

Sorry Mr. Luebbers, but if your primary source of information is the normal TV news, you are not getting the story. Why? Because most people don’t care about what is happening in the South Pacific or anywhere else. And the key to “news” is tragedy and violence every day. Do you think we would have found out about President Nixon without Woodward and Bernstein? Not likely. Most other papers and TV news ignored it until it just couldn’t.

My sources are NASA, the NOAA (Weather Service) National Geographic Magazine, the Smithsonian Institute and its magazine, and both Discovery and Science TV and Magazines. So if your belief was based upon what made the Nightly News, you have missed the crisis in elephant poaching in Africa. More than 200 are killed every day. African lions are in danger because they are dying of an unknown disease faster than hunters can kill them. Porpoises, sea lions and sea otters are being driven north by the warm Pacific which kills their natural prey: krill.

Have you been to Red Lobster lately? The lobsters are likely not Maine lobsters and are about as big as a crayfish in Louisiana No, the effects are there, but they won’t be reported until more people in the United States die from it. Don’t go swimming the Atlantic, the sharks, which the Japanese kill buy cutting off the dorsal fins, are waiting for you. More than 2,000 are killed regularly, but there is still one left for those on the beaches.

Joseph Reichert, Belleville