Letters to the Editor

‘At the top’

Barack Hussein Obama can tell Americans we are not at war with Islam until the cows come home. However, in his book, “Son of Hamas”, Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of one of the founders of the Islamic terrorist organization Hamas, has this to say about Islam and moderate Muslims:

“Traditional Muslims stand at the foot of the ladder, living in guilt for not really practicing Islam. At the top are fundamentalists, the ones you see in the news killing women and children for the glory of the god of the Qur’an. Moderates are somewhere in between. A moderate Muslim is actually more dangerous than a fundamentalist, however, because he appears to be harmless, and you can never tell when he has taken that next step toward the top. Most suicide bombers began as moderates.”

Omar Mateen arrived “at the top” when he proclaimed his allegiance to the Islamic State as he was slaughtering innocent Americans in Orlando, Florida. It is time for all Americans to understand Islam, itself, is the true source of the terrorist threats we face.

Chris Tabing, Coulterville