Letters to the Editor

Colorado cashes in on on marijuana sales

I have several friends who live in Colorado. They were afraid when Colorado legalized small amounts of marijuana. True, even though most scientists think it is less of a problem than alcohol or prescription drugs. We have a limited amount of sales in Illinois that no one seems to be keeping track of.

We have a much larger population than Colorado and they don’t have a budget problem like we do. It’s just interesting to note that in 2016, so far through the end of April, they have had sales of $117 million in product and have collected $57 million in taxes and fees. That should play out to almost $500 million in taxes and fees for 2016. Both their crime and murder rates are much less than Illinois in percentages or exact numbers.

If Illinois did this, it would gut the gangs in Chicago, bring down the crime and murder rates and stop sending more people to prison where the costs go on and are not cut by budget crisis. I’m just saying ... are we missing the boat?

Joseph Reichert, Belleville