Letters to the Editor

Preying on the citizens

I recently tried to renew my license plate sticker on-line, and was informed I needed an emissions check before I could do so.

I proceeded up to the check station 10 miles away, and passed the test in a few minutes. Now that I burned a gallon or so of gas (for a trip I normally would not take) in the process, further polluted the air, as I had no check engine lights on before I left.

As I passed through this town directly north of Collinsville, I noticed the police had pulled someone over. This is usually the case every time I leave the house, and head that direction. Must have been doing 38 in a 35 mph speed limit.

I thought they were not allowed to prey on the citizens to finance the city, but I may be wrong. Correct me if I am.

Is anyone reading my letters; no one has commented on them in a while; must be boring.

Jim Preston, Collinsville