Letters to the Editor

Time for voters to exercise their control

The Illinois House of Representatives approved Speaker Madigan’s $7 billion out of balance budget by a vote of 60 to 53. Every Democrat in the House voted in favor of Madigan’s budget even though they knew it would increase taxes for all middle class/working taxpayers and every loyal business that services the state government.

Every single Democrat you elected voted to increase your taxes. He/she followed the Democratic party line, in this case, increase your taxes. Supporting the party line was more important to every Democrat than their obligation to support those who elected them to office.

The Democrats think they have ironclad control over Illinois politics. They think they cannot lose any election if they support the party line even when the party line favors the political bosses, (i.e. union bosses, the donor class), and goes against the needs of the loyal constituents that elected him/her.

Democrats surely know that the voters are really the political bosses in Illinois. We can exercise our ironclad control by understanding that every Democratic politician will vote the party line, even when it is totally opposed to the needs of the constituents that elected him/her. We exercise our ironclad control by voting every Democrat politician out of office and elect politicians that understand they were elected to support their constituents.

Why vote for a Democrat who believes they don’t have to earn your vote, they think your vote is in the bag.

Joe Fairbanks, Fairview Heights