Letters to the Editor

How much is enough?

I know I have seen all kinds of news trying to justify why we pay almost the most in the country for our gasoline at the pumps, the thing is that it is nothing that the rest of the country faces all the time and there really isn’t a justification for the higher prices.

Whenever the wholesale price of gasoline goes up five cents we see an immediate four fold jump and see 20 cents increase at the pumps but like in the last few days when wholesale prices have plummeted from around $1.65 to about $1.46 now but haven’t seen a bit of that at the pumps. The price of oil too has followed suit and declined.

How come when the price goes up even a few pennies we see it immediately but when it drops we don’t see it for weeks or even months? Doesn’t anyone wonder why? Doesn’t anyone care that this is money out of our pockets in greater numbers than any tax would impact in such a swift and costly manner?

Why doesn’t the Illinois State legislature who can’t do their jobs now ever be expected to do something about this? Are we really expected to make up the oil company profit shortfalls all by ourselves in the St. Louis area? How much is enough?

John Bauer, New Baden