Letters to the Editor

She’ll finish the job

Our great country has never in its existence ever had the garbage in federal government that its endured since 2008. It is very heartbreaking to know that we are getting rid of country damaging garbage and at the same time the Democrats have more of the same standing in the wings wanting to carry on the same tripe.

The Democrat in waiting says she wants to preserve the legacy and carry on the terrible policies of Mr. Useless-Clueless and that should be easy for her since both parties crawled out from a rock and doing the right thing for the country isn’t very high up on their list.

Harry Reid says she deserves to be president but a more truthful and honest statement is that America doesn’t deserve or need her. Enough tragic damage has been done. There was an article in the Belleville News-Democrat that we should practice calling her Madam President, but we should be realistic and truthful and call her something much less complimentary.

The distrustful candidate sure has nerve calling her Republican opponent distrustful. There is nothing unfavorable for a person to be involved with, that her opponent could surpass her in. Back in 2008 some uninformed people wanted to make history and they did and it was very destructive. Making the same mistake again could help this woman finish the job of destruction. Making history isn’t worth it. God bless and help America.

Terry Hunt, Trenton