Letters to the Editor

Collinsville TIF proposal

The new Tax Increment Financing and business district proposal for St. Louis Road and Bluff Road is a blow to the taxpayers of Collinsville. It is appalling that the hearing held on June 13 at the Convention Center that Mitch Bair, city manager at a salary of $135,000 forgot to put in writing that there would be an additional one percent for all existing and future businesses in the proposal. This mistake is inexcusable and a new hearing should be held with all the right information.

By law, a new TIF should require all the appropriate changes. Surely a 1 percent tax increase would be pertinent information to be given to the taxpayers. Citizen taxpayers are overwhelmingly against any new taxes. The new tax will effect existing Rural King and other shops along this corridor. This same proposal was presented three years ago and denied. Nothing has changed.

Citizens of Collinsville just got hit by a 220 percent raise in the utility tax. The city adds $4 to your electric and gas bill for every $100. This 4 percent additional tax is also put on your home and cellphone bill. Enough is enough; call the mayor and his dysfunctional city council to stop the madness.

Pat Astrauskas, Collinsville