Letters to the Editor

Misdirecting the audience

Like a magician misdirecting the audience, Democrats are telling Americans, “Look at the trigger, not the guy pulling the trigger.” These Democrats want to import more of the adherents to the “religion of peace” while using the Orlando tragedy to further their aim of making the American people as defenseless as the 300 poor souls in that night club.

Do you think that perhaps a few of those cowering behind tables were wishing they had a gun? Did strict gun control laws stop the jihads in Paris? Not in the least! Sharron Lindsey, most states will not allow the guns Omar Siddiq used in his jihad slaughter to be used for hunting, not because they are so “brutal,” but because they are not powerful enough to assure a quick death for the animal hunted.

Do top Democrats hate guns? Not in the least. Hillary will go nowhere without numerous heavily armed men surrounding her. She only hates your guns, America.

John Walsh, Fredericktown, Mo.