Letters to the Editor

Some points about guns and assault weapons

First, can anyone name a gun that is not designed to kill? Second, how is it possible for someone to be killed by and unloaded gun? Third, if a misdemeanor is committed using a gun it becomes a felony. It becomes deadly because the criminal decides to make it so. He can make it deadly with a knife, a baseball bat, or his hands.

Fourth, as to selling an assault weapon that is designed to kill, see No. 1. I consider anything used to assault me an assault weapon. True assault weapons are full auto, and not normal legally available to the general public. Fifth, as to the assault weapon being too brutal to use for hunting, the .223 cartridge used by the AR15 is not powerful enough to use to legally hunt deer in most states. Sixth, as to the Orlando murder not have being able to do as much damage without his “assault” rifle, the average 12 gauge shotgun used by hunters, with 00 buckshot, would have done as much or more damage.

I am also trying to figure out how the NRA and its members, who’s primary mission is to protect a constitutional rights and gun safety, is responsible. If all Muslim’s are not to blame, how are all guns and gun owners? Until all individuals are held responsible for their actions, things won’t change. These things didn’t happen when I was hanging out in bars back in the ’60s because every bartender had a gun behind the bar everyone knew it. Gun Free Zones are a target now.

Ron Trame, Lebanon