Letters to the Editor

Softball substitutes

My daughter plays 10U softball for the Collinsville Extreme. Father’s Day weekend we participated in a tournament in Marion.

The team we faced twice had recruited two “substitute players” from another team to face us. Yes, it’s allowable in the rules. However, to do it only in a tournament is a slap in the face to the pitchers and catchers that play hard every week. It’s an insult to the rest of the team that the coaches don’t trust their girls defensive skills.

We took second, and that’s great as hard as our girls played.

I must say, the Extreme organization plays the members that train and play every week. They teach the fundamentals. They teach playing honestly and fairly is more important than trophies. They support the players regardless if they homer or strike out.

Could the other team beat us without “substitutes?” Possibly. However, the other coaches showed their girls that winning is the only thing, regardless how you do it.

I will close with the organization motto: Extreme Pride!

Bob Anderson, Belleville