Letters to the Editor

More on guns

I was surprised that Grant Montgomery felt he needed to comment on my letter regarding guns. All the other people who saw my letter agreed with me.

However, he failed to answer my question: Why sell assault weapons?

I wonder at his logic in saying the purpose of the firearm “is to expel a projectile.” No one buys a gun, to my knowledge, to expel a projectile. They buy a gun to shoot something — and unfortunately that something is too often a someone.

The recent shootings in St. Louis of innocent children killed “by accident” are all the justification I need to be pro-gun control.

I don’t deny the 2nd Amendment giving us the right to bear arms (as a second part, following “having a well-regulated militia , being necessary to the security of a free state...” as the first part.) I stand by my belief that there has to be some control over the types of weapons sold and a better background checking of potential buyers.

Tell me, Mr. Montgomery: Why allow the sale of assault weapons?

Sharron Lindsey, Belleville