Letters to the Editor

News sources

Sorry Joseph Reichert, but your use of the Obama Islamic regimes sources undercut any credibility you have. Let’s look at your “news” sources ... NASA, funded by Obama. NOAA, funded by Obama. National Geographic, funded by Obama. The Smithsonian, funded by Obama. As far as Discovery and Science channels, their programs on UFO’s and conspiracy theories shoot down any credibility they have.

The Obama regime is the main purveyor of Global Warming. His regime has lied repeatedly since day one on every subject under the sun, from “you can keep your doctor” to “Ft. Hood was workplace violence.” I wouldn’t believe anything this despicable government has to say on anything. If they told me the sky was blue and grass is green, I’d have to get my dictionary out to define what blue and green is. Again, sorry Mr Reichert, but you have to come up better sources than that of Obama’s puppet agencies.

Rick Lamming, Washington Park