Letters to the Editor

Waiting in East St. Louis

It perplexes me why the city council of East St. Louis can’t pass a budget yet the deficit from 2015 has grown to $6.6 million.

Ms. Greenwood is too busy campaigning to attend a meeting, Mr. Mosley is concerned with patronage employment, yet police department is working shorthanded and without up-to-date equipment. The mayor maintains her full-time job but does not clean up on an area that most residents don’t even know about. Ms. Hamilton Dean is busy defending her check at the township with all of its turmoil and Mr. Eastern is busy cutting deals and making money in another community.

Do they have a plan for the city or are they just waiting on a revelation of some sort. Recently lost a major port project, credit rating for the city is dropping, no clear vision for new development, continual population decline and loss of revenue. Where are we truly headed in this community Remember the $450,000 plan for downtown?

Percy Harris, East St. Louis