Letters to the Editor

Liberal logic

The BND Opinion pages usually dominated by liberal columnists often features local writers presenting left wing content with liberal logic. “Liberal logic:” an undefined contradiction of terms that rejects common sense while embracing situation ethics, moral equivalence and the Marxist principle: “the ends justify the means.” Modern liberalism does not support the rule of law, individual responsibility or constitutional limits on government. Liberal policy brings poverty, crime and loss of freedom. It is the path to tyranny with a leftist ideologue like Barack Obama in control of government.

Liberal mouthpieces make excuses and attack opposition critics when challenged for evidence that Barack and Hillary have improved the lives of Americans. Obviously defenseless, they can not claim the economy with “O” doubling the national debt, 40 million Americans on food stamps and 94 million American workers unemployed. Not national security with another Islamic terrorist massacre in Florida while Barack imports more unvetted Muslims and allows the illegal border invasion. Not foreign policy with the Middle East wars raging and threats from China, Russia and NK. Certainly not Obamacare or Common Core.

The political, establishment and MSM attempts to silence critics with verbal abuse name-calling “hater, racist and islamophobe.” They distract with debates about the constitutional rights of gun owners instead of stopping Islamic terrorism. Our pampered self-servers are scrambling to preserve their lucrative seats on the government gravy train while they attack Donald Trump for exposing their failures and phony political correctness.

Ron Davinroy, O’Fallon