Letters to the Editor

How many

Question: in light of the Orlando shootings, how many of those killed were registered Democrats? Question No. 2: How many of those killed will now become registered as Democrats? Question No. 3: How many people have been killed by those 2,000 Fast and Furious guns that Fearless Leader and his AFT lemmings lost in Mexico? You know, the ones that Obama-lama-ding-dongs National Ministry of Propaganda (the mews media) conveniently never discusses.

In an unrelated story, I went to town the other day and forgot to lock up my gun safe. Two of the little rascals got out, ate my leftover pizza and drank all of my beer then disappeared. Later, they showed up in Chicago, and shot two innocent people. An investigation by the Illinois State Police revealed that somehow, they had hitchhiked all the way to Chicago on an 18-wheeler. Damn you Smith and Wesson!

Roddy D. Riggs, Highland