Letters to the Editor

Not for Bost

Mike Bost has served our region well for many years. However, he is now part of deformation of our political process.

The House GOP majority refuses to consider basic gun control measures that are supported by 80 to 90 percent of the public including a majority of gun owners. They are refusing to fund measures to fight the Zika virus that now threatens babies in much of the Southeast. Speaker Ryan has just put forth a plan to deprive millions of Americans of health insurance in order to restore tax breaks to the wealthiest investors. Donald Trump is not an aberration, but a natural result of the GOP’s past tactics.

Thus, while I respect Mike Bost as an individual, I cannot support his reelection to Congress. I will vote for C.J. Baricevic for the U.S. House race in District 12.

Mike Sullivan, Carbondale