Letters to the Editor

Underlying cause of mass shootings

President Obama refuses to address the underlying cause of mass shootings — mental instability. Whether it’s Omar Marteen in Orlando; Major Nidal Hassan at Fort Hood, the Colorado theater shootings, the Charleston church shootings; Virginia Tech, Columbine High School or Newtown Elementary, these mass shooters, to be polite, were very mentally off. Gun control laws matter little to them and I believe it takes a very deranged individual to shoot innocents no matter what setting. I can’t think of a gun control law that will stop a determined person with violence on their mind.

We know from The Boston Marathon, London and Madrid rail system, and the Brussels airport bombings that deranged terrorists will resort to another means to execute their plan. The simple answer is not “more gun laws” because that works no better than more DUI laws, more laws against murder and more laws against illegal drug use. The answers are difficult but it’s time for the president to take on the hard issue-detecting and intervening to combat mental illness reinforced by radical religious or political motivation, is the underlying cause of these violent actions.

I believe all of these mass shootings have one thing in mind, severe antisocial and psychotic behavior. That Mr. President is not the fault of the millions of lawful gun owners, the NRA, country music or Fox News. Stop being simplistic about this and lead the way to real solutions, not sound bites.

Phil Henning, Smithton