Letters to the Editor

Time to take action to prevent slaughter

I realize that the Orlando massacres do not just involve gun laws. The issues revolving around this horrific act are complicated. There must be something I can do rather than just send my thoughts and prayers. I can no longer be silent and let lives continue to be lost because of my silence. It is like watching a crime being committed and walking away without saying or doing anything to help.

I would like for the U.S. government officials to vote for a federal ban for all civilians on all automatic and semiautomatic assault weapons including large capacity ammunition feeding devices. Secondly, I would like there to be a federal law prohibiting those individuals on the terrorist watch list from purchasing or possessing firearms or explosives. We belong to a country that supports the right to bear arms but I did not think that we have the right to bear military type assault weapons and wipe out massive groups of people, people who have names and lives.

Besides these two bans, I would say that we need to work on developing a culture of support toward each person which could deter mass killings. Have we shown support to anyone today, really listened and been present to any individual? We can still be faithful in our prayers. My one prayer is for all of us to stand up and challenge our government officials to take a stand and vote for these bans.

Bobbie Laker, Swansea