Letters to the Editor

Guest view: It’s time to make Illinois work again

Political partisanship and the old blame-game style of politics practiced by Gov. Bruce Rauner are moving this state backwards. People are sick of the blame game and want solutions.

I am an unapologetic Democrat who is always looking for solutions in the midst of the turmoil that is Illinois state government. We have a wonderful state, full of economic and business opportunities as evidenced by the many businesses that invest and thrive here in Illinois.

But what’s not thriving is our state government. We all know that, and we know there is blame to go around. But I would remind everyone that the Democratic House and Senate leadership have worked well with several Republican governors in the past and learned to compromise with them over the years.

What’s different now? We have Gov. Rauner and his “my way or the highway”’ approach to governing.

Like Donald Trump, Bruce Rauner tries to dictate without compromise. Like Donald Trump, Bruce Rauner hasn’t figured out that compromise is the key to good government.

Gov. Rauner is holding the budget hostage for his Turnaround Agenda. The basics of which ask Democratic legislators to abandon what they believe in and who they are. We will never do that because his request is unreasonable and asks too much of those with the least to give.

Bruce Rauner wants Democrats to cut living wages that provide the working class a chance to get ahead. We Democrats stand on our values of making sure seniors and the disabled are living with dignity with adequate home care. We care about offering a helping hand to provide a path from poverty to opportunity. We believe there is a fundamental right for workers to organize and collectively bargain for their wages and working conditions.

Former Republican Gov. Jim Edgar continues to offer Gov. Rauner advice: pass a budget, quit trying to tie your Turnaround Agenda to the budget; no other governor has tried to do that. But, true to form, and just like Donald Trump, Bruce Rauner won’t listen to anyone — not even Jim Edgar.

Gov. Rauner: Stop the finger pointing and the blame game and do your job. Help the General Assembly pass a budget that isn’t tied to your Turnaround Agenda. Get that budget passed for the good people of Illinois.

Quit playing politics with education. Quit playing politics with health care for seniors, child care for children, child abuse prevention dollars for the non-profits and countless other social services that have been hurt because of your Turnaround Agenda.

It’s time to make Illinois work again.

Doug House is the Rock Island County Democratic chairman and president of the Illinois Democratic County Chairman’s Association.