Letters to the Editor

Brexit and the U.S.

Following the somewhat surprising choice of British voters to exit the European Union, it’s interesting to consider what lessons might apply to the United States.

There are a number of similarities between Clinton supporters with the “stay in the European Union” folks and the Trump supporters with the “exit the European Union” groups. Certainly not twins, but there is a lot alike in their points of view.

More and more voters from both parties are just not accepting of political business as usual. Trump on one side and Sanders as well as the recent House “sit-in” on the other side are just obvious examples of a much deeper unhappiness.

Here in Illinois, there is a small-scale microcosm of American politics with Gov Rauner (R) on one side and House Speaker Madigan (D) on the other. The state is broke and state government and programs are becoming increasingly dysfunctional.

More and more people are losing faith in the good will and integrity of the “loyal opposition,” whoever that may be for them. In addition, they are losing patience with their own politicians who are willing to reach across the aisle.

For those who say “It can’t happen here,” well, it did happen there.

David L. Griffith, Belleville