Letters to the Editor

Get smart about guns

I read two of the most asinine letters the other day in the BND. One writer just can’t understand that a weapon that has a clip capable of having 30 or more bullets is not needed for hunting or anything else but killing people. These guns are made for the police and military. Get it through your heads that there is no comparison between an AR-15 and “knives, baseball bats and bare hands.” If you don’t know what an assault rifle is, then you need your head examined.

These people want to bury their heads in the sand along with the NRA and say “guns don’t kill people,” blah, blah, blah. They won’t admit that a multi-round weapon in the hands of any nut will kill a lot more people than any pistol or knife. The NRA is responsible for not backing the banning of these guns and not backing any reasonable gun control on these types of killing machines. If these types of weapons don’t exist, then a lot of people will be a lot safer.

And, if this writer thinks that no one has guns in a gun-free zone, he is very naive and is sadly mistaken. The owners of bars and other establishments have paid security officers and bartenders legally carrying guns for the protection of the customers.

The other writer can just continue the same rhetoric: “Hillary will take all your guns.” Hogwash. Not true. Just the guns responsible in most multiple shootings.

Ray Dillier, Collinsville