Letters to the Editor

Checks and balances

There are 146 million registered voters in America, a quarter of them, roughly 36 million are registered Republicans. Letter writer Gene Robke writes that “most of today’s Republicans’“embrace’ racism, bigotry and homophobia.” With such an ignorant blanket allegation, it’s time for Robke to start naming names, lay out beyond voting for individual freedom, limited federalism and expressing their constitutional 1st Amendment right (expressing their faith within the public square), Robke needs to get personal as to why “most” of those individuals, especially minority conservatives, are racist, bigots and fear homosexuals.

With Robke’s rhetorical Democrat vs. Republican numbers, this time on filibustering/obstruction, most individuals know why it happens — ideology. This nation is split, I don’t want to shock Robke but not everybody agrees with Obama and the rest of the progressive/liberal “transform America” agenda. Advance notice of opposition is merely a strategical move to blunt whatever is coming. Both parties obstruct, the amount depends on how hard the other side pushes their policies.

Obama, when meeting with the leaders of the opposing party, in hearing their position, stated he won the election. However, those he met with, won in the election, too. There are three branches of our government, two are elected. Obstruction is a part of the checks and balances in governance within a republic. Whether it is good or bad depends on which side of the fence you’re on.

Russell C. Fette, Collinsville