Letters to the Editor

Arms of U.S. government are out of balance

To any student of American history it is apparent that what Founding Fathers Jefferson and Madison feared has come to pass. That is that the Executive Branch of the federal government has assumed so much power that the Legislative branch has become so ineffective as to be almost meaningless.

I feel certain that many Democratic Legislators believe that many of President Obama's executive actions and federal regulations are unconstitutional but refuse to join Republicans in opposing them because of party loyalty. I have no doubt that it would be the same if it were a Republican president.

The balance of power between the three branches of our federal government enshrined in our constitution only works if each branch is willing to defend its position of power. In that regard our federal legislature has failed miserably and they have only themselves to blame. Unfortunately, it is the unelected citizens that ultimately pay the price for their failure.

We need to elect members of Congress who will when necessary put the good of the county ahead of party politics.

Shelby Hamilton, Swansea