Letters to the Editor

Are you a Catholic?

Are you a Catholic? If you are a true God-fearing Catholic there is no way to justify your voting for Clinton, her relationship with Soros, and his control over her is fully documented. He probably ranks as the number one most evil person in the world. Lets see if you’re are Catholic:

If you’re Catholic, you take your faith seriously, you believe in your heart what the Catholic faith holds to be true, you are a Christian Catholic who has submitted their life to Jesus Christ, the Scriptures and to the traditions of our faith handed down from the apostles.

Do you believe that God is fully present in the Eucharist, do you give God the reverence he deserves, are you respectful at Holy Mass to God and the faithful around you, or are you a person who does not truly believe nor takes their faith seriously, such as receiving the Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ in your hand and drop particles of the real presence on the floor to be trampled on.

If you claim to be Catholic, but in reality are a Catholic in name only (Cino), you are simply fooling yourself and, even more importantly, misleading others and you will be held accountable, and priest and bishops who assisted you in you turning your back on God have even more to fear. If you vote for Clinton, you are not a true Catholic Christian!

Lee Harris, Belleville