Letters to the Editor

Other candidates

I’m trying to understand why the news media, specifically including the BND, is focusing solely on just two candidates for the Oval Office: Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump. There are, after all, more candidates in the race.

What are their qualifications and history? What are their platforms? Why am I supposed to believe that I have no choices beyond Mrs. Clinton (a liar) and Mr. Trump (a demagogue)? If the best defense of a democracy is an informed electorate (Thomas Jefferson), where is the information on the other candidates?

I do believe that Mr. Gary Johnson (Libertarian) and Ms. Jill Stein (Green Party) are also still part of the process, so why is it that there are no articles addressing their positions on immigration, foreign relations, terrorism, the economy, and other issues vital to making an informed decision? As a long-time voter, I want to know what everyone has to say — not just the candidates with the biggest advertising budgets.

Neither the Democratic nor the Republican parties have cornered the market on good ideas or capable leaders, though they might like me to believe so. Why should I believe that only a Democrat or Republican can be qualified to represent me to the rest of the world and to act in our best interests? BND editors, could we, as voters, please have some information about all of the candidates, perhaps in a compare/contrast format, and not just the noisiest ones?

J. L. Hickman, Fairview Heights