Letters to the Editor

Look in the mirror

Instead of blaming healthcare companies for the implosion of Obummercare, Sen. Dickie Durbin should look in the mirror. Durbin should look at himself and ask, “How could I have been so stupid?” Guess what Durbin, you and your Debtocratic friends are all responsible for the high costs and implosion of Obummercare. Obummercare architect, John Gruber, repeatedly bragged “Obummercare was created for stupid voters.” Evidently, it was also created for stupid politicians.

How can anyone respect politicians, who are devoid of the basic understanding of finance and common business sense? Funny, the Debtocrats promised to pay the insurance companies billions the first three years to make up all loses they encountered. The massive rate hikes weren’t supposed to happen until after Obama left office in 2017. Unfortunately for America, Obummercare costs blew up earlier than Debtocrats planned. Unlike the deceptive fiscal practices of the Federal Government, where you can tax and print money to solve any problem, private sector companies need to turn a profit in order to remain in business. Business practices 101 Durbin!

The basic model of Obummercare was created on a false premise from the start. There would be more healthy young people paying in than old sick people taking out. As we know from Social Security, there will soon be fewer young people paying in than older people taking out. Obummercare is no different. Obummercare is a fiscal disaster, expensive regulations, idiot taxes and reduction of Medicare to pay for it. Another economic drain on the Millennials.

Pete Hill, O’Fallon