Letters to the Editor

Remembering history the way it didn’t happen

I don’t know what’s in the water over in Carlyle Lake, but it must be something magic.

I spent eight years of my Air Force officer career under President Reagan, including four in the Pentagon and I for the life for me cannot remember what “two wars” Reagan got us into. I worked across from the Air Force Operations Center and got daily classified messages in my division. All I remember is “Operation Urgent Fury” in Grenada to rescue the medical students.

As for the 935 lies, author Charles Lewis’ book writes about a total of 935 lies told by government and corporations, not 935 lies stated by the Bush Administration about intelligence prior to the second Iraq War. In fact, Mr. Lewis acknowledges many more lies from President Johnson that got us into the Vietnam War where we lost over 55,000 military. Mr. Robke is always silent on that. I have previously written that President George Bush erred in getting us into Iraq and that will be a tarnish on his presidency.

Concerning the deficit, the media just reported the Fiscal Year 2016 deficit, once again it’s the difference between a fiscal year’s income and expenses, is higher than for Fiscal Year 2015, even though the U.S. government took in record revenue from taxes and fees.

Phil Henning, Smithton