Letters to the Editor

Intelligent people don’t support Donald Trump

Am having a difficult time understanding how so many “intelligent” people can actually ascribe to the ever waffling, demeaning, and just plain disdain for people — yes, people! — that this huckster is actually spewing.

There have been countless hard-working people who have and are being taken advantage of by this orange-haired clown. (Sorry, I did not mean to disparage any real clowns by association). The orange-haired huckster can apply for work visas so an American citizen would not qualify to work for him. Gonna make America great again. Catchy little line and it fits well on front of a hat, too! Where are those hats made? Is the kool-aid you lemmings are drinking really that tasty?

And by the way, a lot of the repeat customers of the BND letters to the editor could take a step back and understand that the diatribe that you spew doesn’t really mean ANYTHING except maybe to you in your own mind.

It’s 3 a.m. — who do you want to be able to make the right decision?.

Dave Cash, Hecker