Letters to the Editor

Madigan, not Rauner, is the cry baby

To writer James Harrigan: You want to call Rauner a cry baby, well, he is not, he is willing to compromise, it’s Mike Madigan who is not getting what he wants.

Do you realize that because of Madigan we have not had a balanced budget for 15-20 years?

Last year the General Assembly did a budget for $4 billion over, and this year did one for $7 bill over, and that is OK with you? Madigan wants a tax hike, thinking that will solve everything. Well, it was tried in past and it didn’t work then, what makes you think it will work now?

What would you suggest the state do? Another tax hike next time, and if doesn’t work , do an even bigger tax hike the following year? We are at least $85 billion in debt. The Democrats have had several years to get something done and didn’t, and Madigan has gotten his way for 30 years,

Now there is a governor who will not allow Madigan to have what he wants. Madigan along with many Democrats will claim that Rauner’s agenda is only going to hurt the middle class. Well, since we are so deep in debt and have been for years, it looks like Madigan has been hurting middle class.

If Madigan keeps doing what he is doing we will keep going farther in debt.

Lori Felts, Worden