Letters to the Editor

Dividers, radicalizers need to change

President Obama, the Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are the messengers, not the race dividers. The real race dividers are those who:

▪ Castigated President Obama from day one, and remained mute while the Republican Congress spent precious time fighting Obama instead of fighting for the people. Trump is who they deserve.

▪ Refuse to admit bad cops have murdered black youths in cold blood, even when the crimes were televised. These race dividers even justify the murders, simply because the bad cops are inevitably freed of all charges.

▪ Misconstrue the phrase “Black Lives Matter” to mean other lives don’t matter. Nobody ever said all lives didn’t matter, but it’s the blacks who are being murdered throughout the country on a regular basis.

Many race dividers are also more responsible for radicalizing those who commit hate crimes, than ISIL. When parents plant seeds of hatred for those who look, dress, or worship differently; when teachers remain silent while classroom bullies torment those who look, or dress differently; when adult workplace bullies use teasing to spew disparaging remarks against those who look, dress, or worhip differently, it is those actiona, or lack of action, that cause the oppressed to become radicalized to the extent of seeking revenge. Some become radicalized because their overseas relatives and friends are continuously being bombed and killed, supposedly to be freed from tyranny.

So, will the real race dividers and radicalizers look in the mirror, and confess your sins?

Frankie Seaberry,