Letters to the Editor


Our legislative process is slow, cumbersome and often just plain gridlocked. Compromise is the only way to create movement. Slowly through the years, we have created a better society through legislation. Trump’s supporters overlook the fact that as an outsider, who lacks the endorsement of many of his own party, he is going to have difficult time implementing his platform. He doesn’t have a clue how legislation works, and the word compromise is not in his vocabulary.

The only way his platform could be implemented would be in a dictatorship. Beware of such grandiose promises such as getting Mexico to finance a wall, sending millions back to Mexico, defeating ISIS quickly, creating jobs with trickle-down economy, overturning government regulations and banning Muslims. It will never happen. Much of what Hillary wants to do will have a tough time being implemented also, but I see that small, compromising steps are possible toward her goals. Some form of immigration reform, some solution to high cost of college and subsequent debt, some curtailing of big business overseas manufacturing and their offshore tax breaks.

Have you noticed they agree on creating jobs through rebuilding our infrastructure? The difference is how this would be paid for. Hillary wants big business to pay their fair share. Trump wants big business to be free of regulations and taxes so they will create his utopian society. Their capitalistic greed will somehow “trickle down” to the little guy, or possibly create another Wall Street disaster and recession.

Judy Neel, Belleville