Letters to the Editor

Casting stones

I would like to reply to the letter by Kevin Wilson in the Aug. 12 edition of the BND, in which he suggests that I check the facts before casting stones.

Kevin Wilson, first of all, commented on my “long absence” from this section of the newspaper. Part of my absence has been due to a trip back to France to observe the anniversary of D-Day.

As for calling Bill Clinton a draft dodger, I want to make clear that I did check my facts. Bill Clinton used the application for Advanced Army ROTC as a means of avoiding the draft. He never did enroll in the ROTC, but he thanked the PMS (professor of military science) at the University of Arkansas, who was also a Bataan Death March survivor, for saving him from the draft. Also, Clinton tried to enlist in the Navy Reserve. The Navy Reserve had no openings at the time, but it created a slot for him. Clinton never showed up for his enlistment physical or processing. When the Navy inquired as to why Clinton did not show up, the answer submitted was that the matter was taken care of.

It is true that Dick Cheney and Donald Trump received draft deferments as they were in college, but if they met the requirements they were entitled to them.

Cheney and Trump receiving draft deferments does not exonerate Bill Clinton. There is a difference between rightfully earning something or using devious means to get it.

Frank B. Austin. O’Fallon