Letters to the Editor

Alan Dunstan

Dear Mr. Alan Dunstan, board chairman:

You only addressed the largest taxing body that belongs there — schools — and neglected to mention the second-largest withdrawer of property taxes that doesn’t belong there — TIFs.

Our public schools are not the problem, TIFs are.

TIFs are taking more than $45 million in property taxes alone in Madison County and about the same in St. Clair County. We are talking property taxes — do you understand that?

TIFs are a source of power for you lords of leadership and you are leading us into a dark pit. You’re destroying the real American dream. Think about it, if there is anything between your ears.

Folks, the biggest impact on property taxes are TIFs, not the legal taxing body — schools — not that they don’t need looking at. New laws on property taxes are of little good without addressing the power TIFs give to our governing lords on any taxes.

James Staffel Sr., Mascoutah