Letters to the Editor

Had to respond

I will probably catch trouble with family and friends for this letter, but so be it.

I have been a loyal Democrat in this state all my life. I cannot remember the number of excuses I have made to vote Democrat although I could not see where they benefited Southern Illinois.

Then came Dwight Kay and Bruce Rauner. When they were first elected, I had major disagreements with them, which left me questioning what was the best for all the state. After some time in office and listening to them on the Illinois Channel, I began to realize they truly want to see illinois prosper again.

After reading James Harrigan’s letter today to impeach the governor, I had to respond.

The State of Illinois has been good to me. My neighbors and friends and many volunteers I did not know have helped in ways I cannot count.

Gov. Rauner’s heart and soul are for the benefit of all in the this state, not just Cook County.

We should not ponder impeaching the governor. We should contact our Democratic elected officials and urge them to work with the governor to find a balance that works for all of Illinois.

Sandy Boshkoff, Granite City